Introductions: Inviting an Audience

20170220_094400.jpgSince childhood I was a voracious reader and decided early on that one day it had to be my words gracing a novel’s pages. Therefore, I brought forth to my father, a matter-of-fact man, that I wanted to be a writer. In not so many words he said “Sure. Just don’t expect it to pay the bills”. I was five at the time and guessed this would not do so the quest to find a path that would ‘pay the bills’ began.

Fast forward eight years later, I still loved writing. But an opinion about me was being expressed by onlookers, time and time again – “You’re such a great listener! You should become a psychologist”. And instead of shrugging it off as the casual remark it was, the seed stubbornly embedded itself, until one day I thought, “Hey! Why not?

Since that optimistic, if not naïve decision, I’m a woman possessed, incredibly passionate about the subject I just happened to stumble upon: psychology. That’s why I’m blogging about it!

My goal is to be able to qualify as a clinical psychologist, so I can work with people experiencing a range of mental health issues, utilising a variety of therapies and techniques. To achieve that goal I have purposed myself towards it, but sometimes confusion is inevitable. There’s no one clear-cut way to becoming a clinical psychologist. No point A to point B instruction manual. There are many resources but they can be overwhelming and contradictory. What is evident is that it takes many years of what could be several degrees and a pile up of work experience before you even come close to being considered. Though the destination is the same, no two clinical psychologists will have had the same journey.

For me though, this journey has been undeniably fascinating and I imagine it will continue to be so. That’s why I’ve decided to start documenting it, to marry it with my former love of writing. Pulling out all the stops, I’ve unearthed all my notes and texts from classes and internships, on patients and experiences, eager to start relaying them. My desk right now is a testimony to all the information, both vital and unnecessary, that I chicken scratched with vigor over the years.

I hope to appeal to psychology enthusiasts. Perhaps it’ll make things clearer and provide options one could pursue. Or maybe even start dialogues on mental health and human behaviour and whether we psychology students can actually read minds (it’s the well-kept secret). Mostly, I’m hoping it’ll continue to motivate me to learn more, since I’ll need something to write about.

The premise here is that if one has an audience, one will put on a show.


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