The Blogger

This blog is managed by a PhD student by day, blogger by night.


Born in Waterford, Ireland I moved to Lahore, Pakistan at the unaware age of 10. In between writing embarrassing fan fiction and dealing with culture shock I decided at 13 to embark the trials of becoming a clinical psychologist. To accomplish this I moved to Manchester, UK in 2012. 

I received my BSc. (Hons) Psychology degree in 2015 and my M.Phil in Primary Care Mental Health with a focus on dementia in 2017, both from The University of Manchester. I am currently working towards a Ph.D in Mental Health funded by the Medical Research Council, also at Manchester and working as a graduate teaching assistant in psychology at the university. I have also done previous work in multiple settings to garner mental health related experience and I am also a Graduate Member of the British Psychological Society and a member of their Division of Clinical Psychology.

Apart from my unhealthy obsession with becoming a clinical psychologist and conducting mental health research I prefer to read in my spare time, tend to my small yet cherished collection of cacti, and can knit and purl a mean scarf. I am always looking for opportunities to intern or work in mental healthcare *hint hint nudge nudge* as well as advance my research endeavors.

You can also find me on the BPS, LinkedIn, ResearchGate or Manchester Pure:

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