The Research

My current breadth of research is based on dementia, with a specific focus on ethnic minorities, though I also engage in other mental health research.

In 2016 I began the DOME Study (Dementia in Ethnic Minorities) for my MPhil, with the aim to translate and culturally adapt a cognitive assessment for British Urdu speaking South Asians. As of 2017 DOME has grown and birthed the subproject DELTA, funded by the MRC for my PhD. This is focused on developing and implementing a toolkit to improve South Asians’ access to memory clinics.

You can find out more about the DOME and DELTA projects on ResearchGate, which I regularly update based on project progress, as well as through blog posts. Publications from this and other ongoing research can also be found on this blog.

I have also begun a public engagement initiative through the ‘Picture A Day Project on the DOME Project and its subprojects, through Twitter and Instagram via #DOMEproject