The Events

Upcoming Events

-“Dementia and Ethnic Minorities”. Stall. UoM Community Festival. University of Manchester, Manchester. Saturday, 15th June, 2019.

Past Events

– -“Dementia doesn’t discriminate but addressing it does“. Talk. ‘Remember Remember Alzheimer’s and Dementia‘ segment. Pint of Science, UK. Didsbury Sports Ground, Manchester. Tuesday, 21st May 2019.

Almost There: Dementia, South Asians and the PhD Journey. Talk. Early Career Research Academic Group. University of Birmingham, Birmingham. Monday, 25th February 2019.

Memory Zone Psychologist. I’m A Scientist Get Me Out of Here! Online event. Monday, 5th – Friday, 16th November 2018.

-“Why are people from different cultures not getting help for dementia?” Lightning Talk. Science Uncovered European Researcher’s Night. Manchester Museum, Manchester. Friday, 28th September 2018.

-“Dementia and Ethnic Minorities”. I Love Research stall. Science Uncovered. Manchester Museum, Manchester. Friday, 28th September 2018.

-“Why do we need to culturally adapt cognitive assessments“. Talk. Centre for Primary Care Seminar Series. Centre for Primary Care, Manchester. 28th November 2017.

-“The selection and cultural adaptation of health measures“. Talk. ROSHNI 2 Away Day. University of Manchester, Manchester. 3rd May 2017.