The Highlights

Won ‘Best Oral Research Presentation’ at the Society for Academic Primary Care North-West Conference 2018 in Kendal, UK for a talk on “Recruitment and methodological issues of conducting dementia research in British ethnic minorities: a systematic review“. The presentation highlighted key issues pertaining to researchers and prospective solutions which are still under consideration – 30th November, 2018

-Finalist and won 2nd place in the Memory Zone of the science outreach event “I’m A Scientist- Get Me Out of Here!“. This is a national online event in the UK and Ireland, connecting scientists to schools to engage with students on science matters and insight into the paths to becoming a scientist – 16th November, 2018

Won the ‘Stirling Award‘ at the British Society of Gerontology Annual Conference 2018 in Manchester, UK for a poster on “The influence of culture on cognitive assessments: Comparing the Addenbrooke’s Cognitive Examination Version III Urdu (UK) with the ACE-III Urdu Pakistan. The poster summarised my research on developing a Pakistani version of the ACE-III Urdu and highlighting the impact culture had on the perception of test questions and responses to them by comparing it to the UK version – 4th July, 2018

-Was chosen to represent my high school, the International School of Choeuifat, Lahore, as a ‘SABIS Success and Life After Story‘, detailing what I have been able to do since graduating and how my time their has influenced me – 29th June, 2018

-Graduated with my MPhil in Primary Care Mental Health from the Centre for Primary Care, at the University of Manchester. Was awarded an Aii for my thesis on “The translation and cultural adaptation of the Addenbrooke’s Cognitive Examination Version III for the British Urdu speaking population” – 11th December, 2017

Shortlisted, commended and joint runner up for the ‘Max Perutz Science Writing Award 2017‘ for my essay on “Avoiding gibberish when assessing for dementia“, which explores the pitfalls of current cognitive tests and how my Master’s research was addressing this. This essay is available on this blog and also featured on the Medical Research Council’s blog, Insight – 19th October, 2017

-Won ‘Best Presenter’ at the Primary Care Mental Health Research Conference 2017 in Keele, UK for a talk on “Developing guidelines on translating and culturally adapting the Addenbrooke’s Cognitive Examination Version III (ACE-III) and implementing them to develop a culturally validated ACE-III“. This presentation covered a significant portion of my Master’s research – 16th March, 2017

-Graduated with my BSc (Hons) in Psychology from the School of Psychological Sciences at the University of Manchester – 6th July, 2015