The Highlights


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Recorded for ‘The Agenda’ show on The Wireless radio station by Age UK to discuss the impact of culture on cognitive assessments and the overall issues ethnic minorities face when accessing dementia services. Part of an evening feature in July 2018 on the BSG 18 Conference, which can be heard here at 20:21.






Took over the ‘Rotation Curation’ Twitter account, PSYTWEEPS, which showcases a different individual or organisation that works in psychology every week. Featured from 23rd July to 29th July, 2018.


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The poster on “The influence of culture on cognitive assessments: Comparing the Addenbrooke’s Cognitive Examination III (ACE-III) Urdu (UK) with the ACE-III Urdu (Pakistan)“, highlights the impact culture has on how we perceive cognitive test questions. It won ‘The Stirling Award’ for best poster at the British Society of Gerontology 47th Annual Conference in July 2018

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Presenting to fellow postgraduate students and academic and research staff on how to ‘Culturally adapt health measures’ at the university’s Doctoral Academy Graduate Society Conference in June, 2018.



Presenting on the ‘Barriers and solutions to recruiting ethnic minorities to dementia research’, which was the summary of a  systematic review of all UK based dementia research. These were presented at the Alzheimer’s Research UK Annual Research Conference in March, 2018A story of oranges and dementia: Learning about living with it with ARUK.




Received an MPhil in Primary Care Mental Health from the Centre for Primary Care, University of Manchester in December, 2018. The degree was awarded for the project and thesis on ‘The translation and cultural adaptation of the Addenbrooke’s Cognitive Examination Version III (ACE-III) for a British Urdu speaking population.





Shortlisted for the Max Perutz’ Science Writing Award 2017 for the essay on ‘Avoiding gibberish when assessing for dementia‘ in September 2017. This essay was then commended and was a joint runner up for the award and featured in the MRC blog, Insight.